Discover the latest hit casino mini-game “The Dog Game” developed by Turbo Games. If you’re already familiar with the classic Minesweeper game and its popular casino version of Mines from developer Spribe, then you’ll be won over by the Dog Game. 

With a fun theme and easy-to-learn game play, online casino players will quickly fall in love with this new mini-casino game inspired by Minesweeper. Casinozer explains everything about how it works!

How to play the Casino Dog game? 

The Casino Dog game is loosely based on the classic game of Minesweeper. In this casino adaptation, the developer Turbo Games, offers a novelty among the mini games casino while taking up a basic game concept. 

casino dog game

Features of the Casino Dog game

The Casino Dog game has fun and easy-to-use features. Here the symbols revolve around the dog world with a doghouse, dog and bowl symbol. The dog represents the good cards, the ones that will allow the player to win and the bowls represent the mines. These are the cards to avoid in order not to lose your bet.

The main characteristic of the dog game is that the player can set up his game by choosing the number of mines he wants in his grid. The higher the number, the higher the multipliers. The game grid consists of 25 squares with a doghouse symbol that are presented face down. The game is simple, you have to uncover as many boxes with dogs as possible without falling on a dog bowl to win the game and multiply your starting bet. 

At the top of the grid is the multiplier bar which varies according to the number of mines selected. The more dogs a player reveals, the higher the multipliers and the higher the starting stake.

Below the game table is a table showing the bets of all the players with the best bets, as well as all the bets you have placed on the dog game. This allows you to keep track of your winnings and previous bets.

One missing feature, however, is that you cannot change the size of the grid and thus vary the rows and columns. Unlike the Goal Casino game from the famous developer Spribe, the ability to vary the size of the grid allows you to add and remove multipliers, as well as winnings possibilities.

How the game is played ?

To begin, the player must fund his account by making a casino money deposit. He can then go to the dog game and start playing. 

The game starts with the placement of the bet, the minimum amount to be placed is 10 cents up to a maximum of 100 euros per game. Once the stake has been placed, the player can select the number of mines he wants on the grid. He can place a minimum of 2 mines up to 20 mines. Of course, the more mines the higher the multipliers and the greater the possibility of winning or even hitting the jackpot.

When the game is set up, you just have to press the “Start Game” button to start the game. You must then choose a square to discover anywhere in the game grid. There are two possible outcomes, either you find a dog and you can continue to uncover more squares. Or you land on a dog, in which case you lose the game and your stake. 

casino dog game

As long as you land on a dog, you can continue playing. Each time a dog is revealed the multiplier of the bet increases, you can see the progress of the multipliers in the yellow bar above the game grid. You can also withdraw the accumulated winnings at any time by pressing “cash out”. You don’t have to finish the grid to get the money you have won.

The Casino Dog game can also be played in automatic mode. To do this, the player must choose the number of games he wants to play in the control panel. The game will then randomly select the boxes to reveal a dog or a bowl. You can also select the “Stop at any win” option to stop the automatic mode as soon as you win.

A demo version is available, we advise you to start in demo to test and be sure to have understood the rules of the game. 

What is the winning strategy for the Casino Dog game? 

The advantage of mini slot games is that you can apply a strategy to win. 

However, you can play with the game settings to choose the number of mines you want. You can try to find a number that ensures you get a minimum of regular winnings in each game.

Of course the dog game is an online casino money game, so it is based on luck and chance. It is therefore not possible to determine in advance a game strategy that will allow you to win every time. It is not possible to determine in advance a strategy that will allow you to win at all times, and online casino games should remain a source of entertainment and not lead to gambling addiction

Where to play the dog game?

You can discover and play the dog game at your favourite online casino Casinozer

The casino dog game is the latest addition to the mini games, which is why it is not yet available on all online casino platforms. Luckily for you, Casinozer takes care to add to its catalogue of games all the latest hit novelties to ensure even more entertainment for its players. 

What bonuses are available for the Casino Dog game? 

As this is a new game, there are no bonuses available yet from the publisher and the online casino platforms that offer it. However, we invite you to check your mailbox regularly for a promotion with a bonus in the form of free spins in order to introduce the game to our customers. 

If you have just registered at Casinozer, don’t forget to claim your casino welcome bonus.

So don’t wait any longer to start playing the dog game and to discover other mini games from the publisher Spribe like the Aviator or the Goal casino game and also find the best Yggdrasil casino games on Casinozer.