If you’re familiar with online casino, you probably haven’t missed the casino mini games phenomenon. Indeed, they are slowly starting to overtake slot machines, and casino card games such as poker and blackjack which were previously favored reviews. 

As a reminder, these are casino games, so they are off-limits to children and gambling is reserved for adult players only.

The developer and leader Spribe has taken the gamble of taking the great classics and adapting them to the casino. A simple concept, with no tables, dealers, equipment, chips or matches that anyone can play, and win money easily if you are lucky. 

The great Spribe casino mini-games.

Amongst the most famous Spribe games, we find the timeless ones like Aviator, the crash game, or Mines, the famous mine-clearing game and its football version with Goal.

Aviator: Spribe’s number one crash game. 

Developed in February 2019, by Spribe, Aviator has quickly become a must-have crash game. The growing success of the Aviator product is due in particular to its gameplay which is both fun and entertaining, here there is no need for equipment, tables like for roulette.

The rules of this crash game Aviator casino are simple, the winnings are awarded according to the multiplier. The multiplier starts at x1 and grows as the plane takes off. The longer you wait, the bigger the multiplier and the more your bet is multiplied. You must cash out before the plane takes off, otherwise you lose. 

mini games casino

Its special feature and what makes it so successful is the chat feature. On the right hand side of the screen, players have access to the chat where they can exchange between as well as consult the latest multipliers.

So don’t wait any longer, try the Aviator demo version now and tell us what you think!

The Mines game: A classic deminer’s game. 

As a vintage fan, the Mines casino game from Spribe will remind you of those long games of mines you used to play on the computer.

mini games casino

Adapted from the classic Mines, Spribe’s Mines works in the same way. You have to select squares on a grid while avoiding bombs. The more squares you select, the higher your stake. However, if you accidentally land on a bomb, you lose the game and your stake.

The only difference is that there is no indication of where the bombs are. The only difference is that there is no indication of where the bombs are. 

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The Goal Mini-Game: Play as a bomb disposal expert in this football version of goal shooting.

Football fans, Spribe has thought of you by developing a football version of the goal shooter : the Goal mini-game. The objective is to score a goal by passing the ball over the squares without running into a bomb. If you complete all the columns without running into a bomb in a row then the game is won.  

mini games casino

Each column has a multiplier associated with it, the further you progress on the field, the more your bet is multiplied. It is particularly popular with users as it offers the possibility of withdrawing your profit at any time. Even if the ball has not reached the other side of the field.

Try your luck at Goal with the demo version at Casinozer.

The new mini-games of Spribe.

Due to the growing success, the minigames developer Spribe decided to expand its range with other classics. 

The concept remains the same, a simple game, with easy to understand rules for all users and very small stakes (10 cents) up to a maximum of 100 euros. 

Plinko: Multiply your stake by sliding down the pyramid.

Developed by Spribe, Plinko casino game is directly inspired by a famous US TV show. The objective is to make a marble fall through a pyramid to the multipliers located at the base. 

plinko casino game

The real advantage of Plinko is that it is possible to play different ways by changing the configuration of the pyramid as well as changing its betting options. Have fun with the action control panel to find out which configuration gives you the most bets. 

Want to test Plinko? The demo version is waiting for you on Casinozer.

Dice: Gambling under or over the selected number. 

Discover here the adaptation of the dice game by Spribe. The Dice casino game works on the same principle except that in this version, it is not necessary to play with dice. The principle is very simple: the player must bet on the results of the dice roll. The player must decide beforehand whether the result of the roll will be above or below a predetermined value represented by a red and a blue zone.

mini games casino

As mentioned above, it is not necessary to use the dice, just click to simulate the roll. The user can change the set value at will using the control panel, choose which side to bet on and select the amount of the between 0.10 cents and 100 euros.

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HiLo: Discover the casino version of the battle game. 

Freely adapted from the classic card game of battle, HiLo casino games from Spribe, will make you rediscover the pleasure of playing. The rules are simple, the player has to select a bet on a card already turned over on the table. Here it is not a question of betting on even, odd, a suit or a figure (king, queen, jack etc…). The player must bet on a lower/equal or higher/equal card. It is not necessary on a suit or even or odd. Once the choice has been made, the player starts the game and the face down card is revealed. 

mini games casino hilo

HiLo is both fun and entertaining, allowing you to maximize your chances of success while having a relaxing time.

Try the demo version of Hilo on Casinozer.

The success of mini-games in gambling.

Mini-games are a huge hit with users, compared to slots machines and other table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack. But what is the reason for this and what are the benefits?

Why are mini-games so successful on Casinozer?

Much easier to learn and understand, mini-games casino are a big hit with punters for several reasons. The opinions of these adult users are more than complimentary both on the possibility of making a profit and on the pleasure of playing at the casino.

First of all, they use the great classics such as the minesweeper, the crash game, or the cards. Then the rules are easy to understand and the possibilities of winning seem more obvious than on a classic slot machine. Finally, the users are autonomous on the product, no need for a croupier, nor for equipment.

Moreover, the games are more interesting and entertaining for the player. Indeed, unlike slots machines whose principle remains the same, they are declined in different gameplay. You will automatically find the one that suits you. 

Finally, it is frequently possible to receive bonuses, corresponding to a free spins, either from the casino or from its affiliates.

How to maximize your winnings with Spribe mini-games?

The Spribe mini-games, like the others, have no secret to winning or maximizing bets. The principle is based on luck, which is the same for everyone. 

As the name suggests, it’s all about gambling and therefore fun. It is therefore strongly recommended to play only the money you have and not to get into debt with your bank or fall into addiction. It should also be remembered that this type of entertainment is for adults only and is not allowed for children under 18.

What is the best mini-game in online casinos?

If you’re looking to find out which is the best mini-game in online casinos, you’ll quickly hear about Aviator, which we explained above, and Mystake’s Chicken game.

This somewhat copycat variant of Spribe’s Mines is a big hit with players. With fun graphics and gameplay, the objective of Mystake’s Chicken is to select the chickens without falling on a bone. If you do, you lose the game and the stake. 

The advantage of Spribe games is that their RTP is significantly higher than those of its competitors. This is especially true for Aviator, whose RTP of 97% makes it more profitable than the Chicken by Mystake casino game.

Of course the one for you will be the type of gameplay you prefer, it could be roulette, blackjack or even cards, chips or dice. It will also be the one on which you will have more chance to get a bonus, or a casino offer. You can also try games at home in the demo version without real coins.

What is the RTP of the mini-games? 

In every casino the slot machines and games are rated with what is called an RTP, which is the payout rate of the winnings based on the bets played on the machine. 

The advantage of online casinos is that they offer a higher payout rate than traditional casinos thanks to the savings made compared to a physical casino (premises, croupier, gaming tables, etc.). 

Thus the RTP or redistribution rate of mini-games is at least 95%. This rate can sometimes even reach 98%. For example, the Aviator payout rate is 97%. 

What is Casino RTP?

RTP stands for Return To Player, which is the percentage ratio between the winnings paid out and the money put into a machine. 

The payout ratio was created and implemented to regulate casinos and ensure that players receive a minimum return. 

The RTP is calculated over a long period of time, not per game. In addition, the payout rate can vary from one period to another, depending on the amount of money bet and the number of games played.

For example, if a machine has an RTP of 80%, this does not mean that you will get 80% of your bets back, but that out of every €100 played by all players, the machine gives back €80. This leaves £20 in the casino bank.

How do I find out the payout ratio of a mini-game? 

To find out the payout ratio or RTP of a mini-game, simply look up the information on the casino website. Usually, this rate is displayed in the interface or payout table, you will see it visible, often on the last page.

Of course, from one provider to another it is possible that this information is elsewhere or simply not displayed. If you are short of time or have not found the information, you can always contact customer service and they will tell you what payout rate you are looking for. 

We advise you to always check the RTP of a machine before playing it. If the RTP is 95% or higher then you will have a better chance of winning than with a machine with a lower RTP.

How is provably fair work?

All Spribe mini-games on Casinozer are equipped with the provably fair algorithm. This free feature allows players to check the fairness and outcome of their bet directly and at any time without the need for a dealer. 

This offers an element of reassurance as it means that the casino cannot rig the games or mislead players on their outcome, as the outcome can be verified by the player themselves. The bets are then managed by a programming code, which means that there is no chance of changing the outcome.

mini games casino

Previously, there was no possibility for the player to check and prove whether he was playing in a fair or fraudulent casino. Thanks to provably fair, users can now control the outcome of their bets. 

To view the results of your games, you must go to your game history by clicking on the green provably fair icon.

Now that you have been informed about the mini-games, don’t hesitate to go to Casinozer and claim your casino welcome bonus. You now have the cards in hand to make your first profits at Casinozer.