In this guide, we have identified the most common casino player errors. Thanks to our expertise and feedback from our clients, we have been able to establish the 7 mistakes to avoid, especially for novices.

We hope that this guide will be useful to all players and help them understand good online gambling practices. 

Choosing the wrong casino 

With so many online casino platforms to choose from, it is important to choose the one that best suits the player’s profile and playing style. To do this, it is important to keep in mind a few criteria for choosing the right online casino. Many players choose their casino based on the wrong criteria. 

Here are some important points to observe before depositing and playing at an online casino: The most important is the validity of its gaming license. Is the casino in good standing? You can find this information at the bottom of the homepage of each online casino. Regulated licenses are UKGC, MGA, Government of Gibraltar, etc. In addition you will also have certifications from independent bodies that test the fairness of the games including: eCOGRA, iTech Labs, Technical System Testing, etc.

You should also read their terms and conditions of use and bonus allocation, the quality of their customer support, their withdrawal limits, the deposit and withdrawal methods offered and finally the diversity of the games catalogue.

casino player errors

You should then choose your casino based on your gaming profile and what attracts you to online gaming. For example, if you only like live action games then it is recommended that you choose a casino that specializes in live action games. 

In general what attracts a player to a particular online casino is the welcome bonus it offers. However, an attractive welcome bonus does not necessarily mean that the casino is more generous than another. 

If you are a high roller you should also find out about the VIP program and the benefits it offers. 

Find out more about the Casinozer VIP program!

Not reading the casino terms and conditions

One of the most common casino player errors make is not paying attention to the terms and conditions of the casino. Many start playing without reading them first and are surprised when the casino makes a decision that is in line with its terms and conditions. 

The point of reading the terms and conditions is that the player has easy access to them and should know what to expect when casino registration. The terms and conditions of the casino are very important to the player, as they provide all the information needed to operate the online platform.

It is true that from one casino to another these conditions can be more or less flexible and numerous. This is why we recommend that you read these terms and conditions carefully in order to find the one that will be the most advantageous for you.

Find here the terms and conditions of Casinozer, do not hesitate to contact the customer service by email or Live chat if you have any question. 

Entering incorrect information

Sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, players fill in false information in their profile. This common mistake can cost the player more money as it will require additional verification and therefore increase the time it takes to withdraw the winnings. 

When casino money withdrawal from a casino, the customer’s identity information is systematically checked. It is an obligation for the online casino to ensure the identity of its players. If you provide the wrong information, then your withdrawal requests will not be successful. 

Your personal data is perfectly protected and secured in online casinos. You can therefore give your information with confidence. 

If you have made a mistake when filling in your profile, you can always contact customer service to change it directly.

Playing without knowing the rules

It seems obvious that you can’t win a game without understanding all the rules and how they work. And this is even more important when you are betting money with the risk of loss. This is why we recommend that you test all games in demo mode before playing. This way you ensure that you understand the rules and maximise your chances of winning. 

By knowing the rules of the game and practicing a little in demo mode, you will certainly improve your game strategy. Indeed, many novices jump straight into the people by betting real money and find themselves losing quickly because they have not yet integrated all the functioning of the games and the online casinos. 

At Casinozer, all our games are available in demo mode, so don’t hesitate to test several of them.

casino player errors

Not knowing how to manage your budget

Another very common mistake is the mismanagement of one’s budget and more particularly one’s bankroll. It is often made because of the streamers and big bettors who can afford to make high bets. Amateur players therefore try to reproduce the same games thinking they will get the same winnings. 

Indeed, players tempted by the lure of winning will tend to bet big to hope to win a lot in a short time. However, it is important to know that the bigger the bet, the less likely it is that you will win. It is important to be aware of this, especially for novices who have just made their first casino money deposit

It’s all about managing what is known as your bankroll (the money in your account). If you are just starting to play at the casino, it is advisable to place small bets like 0.10 or 0.20 cents. This way you can play for longer sessions and keep your bankroll intact. In order to bet with peace of mind, it is best to aim for small winnings.

The right strategy is to gradually increase the amount you bet as your balance increases. The more you want to win, the more you will need to have a large bankroll that can withstand one or more big losses. 

Playing to make money

Of course, in addition to being a leisure activity, casino games allow players to make money. But it is also a recreational activity and above all a diversionary one. Too many people bet everything on gambling to make money. 

The dangers are real, as some players do not have the budget to gamble and cannot afford to lose money at the casino. They still deposit to try to make up for their losses and risk losing even more. This is why it is recommended to set a budget for gambling and not to exceed it. 

The most common trap for not sticking to the budget is to replay after losing. Indeed, most players, even the most experienced ones, make this mistake. After losing several games, they continue to play hoping to win in the next rounds. It is by playing in this way that one can be led to make big losses. We also advise you to stop betting and play as soon as you are ahead of your bankroll.

Adopting impulsive behaviour in the game

Controlling your emotions is an important skill, especially when playing gambling. Impulsive behaviour can be detrimental to your winnings and your bankroll. A player who lets his emotions take over his game is more likely to fail than a player who plays sensibly.

The danger is that with each loss, the player will deposit more and more to chase his losses and try to rebuild his bankroll. 

Sometimes you should not hesitate to give up, especially in the case of successive losses, in order to preserve your winnings and not lose your entire bankroll. If you lose or exceed your budget, don’t hesitate to disconnect and do something else. Remember that online casino games should be a source of entertainment.

Impulsive gambling behaviour can also lead to gambling addiction behaviour. If this is the case, be aware that Casinozer can permanently close the player’s account at his request to preserve his financial and mental health.

Now that you know all about the most common casino player errors, check out our best casino games, slot machines and casino table games at Casinozer, and subscribe to our telegram channel for bonuses and promotional offers.