The term casino volatility is used in the casino world to describe a slot machine. But what does this term mean and what does it tell you about the machine in question? 

Here we explain what volatility is on a casino slot machine and how it affects your winning potential. 

What is casino volatility?

First of all, we need to define volatility. Volatility is one of the criteria, along with the payout ratio (RTP), that characterizes a slot machine and its winning potential. The volatility of a slot machine defines the frequency of winnings it can offer. Thus, the higher the volatility, the more important but also the rarer the winnings will be. Conversely, with low volatility, the wins will be smaller but more frequent.

casino volatility

What are the different levels of volatility? 

There are 3 different levels of volatility, high volatility, medium volatility and low volatility. 

  • High volatility

High volatility slot machines are the most exciting high volatility slot machines because of the payout expectancy. For example, you can play 10-15 spins and never win anything, but when you come across a bonus, or a strong symbol, then you will get big wins. 

This type of slot machine is the most popular among casino players because it offers a considerable possibility of winning.

  • Medium volatility

Slots with medium volatility are characterised by the fact that they regularly offer small wins to the player. They allow players to play longer game sessions, but with a rather average expectation of winning, as the player will not win large amounts with this type of machine. 

This is the most common type of slot machine in the slot machine catalogues offered. 

  • Low volatility 

The last level of volatility is the low volatility slots. They are characterised by very long game sessions but with very low payouts. This means that you can pay back your bets regularly, but you can’t expect to hit the jackpot. 

Low volatility slots are particularly used by players to supplement the wagering requirement of a wager casino bonus or a casino welcome bonus

How do you evaluate the casino volatility of a slot machine?

Whether in online or physical casinos, the volatility rate of a slot machine is set by the game providers. As we mentioned earlier, they are classified into 3 levels. 

You will not always find the volatility displayed for each slot machine, most of the time this information will be shown for the high volatility machines. However, you can assess the volatility of a slot machine yourself by playing it and seeing how much you win and how often it recurs. 

casino volatility

If you play a low volatility slot machine, you may get low payouts, but you can play more spins and therefore longer. Especially if you have a small casino budget, don’t want to take risks and want to play comfortably. 

As for the medium volatility slot machines, they allow you to win regularly, neither too low nor too high. They also allow you to play again without betting at a loss and thus give you a moment of relaxation and entertainment. 

Finally, the last level with the high volatility slot machines are the most lucrative. The expectation of a big potential win is dynamic and brings the necessary adrenaline to the game. They are also more stressful, as you can play several rounds and never get anything. On the other hand, once you hit a winning combination, you immediately make up for lost bets and get big wins.

The best Casinozer slots and their casino volatility

Now that the volatility criterion is clear to you, we’re going to suggest three popular slot machines for each volatility level. Of course, they are all available at your favourite online casino Casinozer!

High volatility casino slots

In the famous category of high volatility slots, you will find certain types of slot machines like the megaways casino games.

  • The Dog House Megaways

The most famous and popular according to the opinion of online casino players is The Dog House Megaways from the famous developer Pragmatic Play. With its numerous paylines, wild bonuses and multipliers, this slot machine brings a level of entertainment and winning potential that is formidable! 

the dog house megaways

  • Dead or Alive 2

The Dead or Alive 2 slot developed by the publisher Netent takes you into the world of the Wild West and bounty hunters. This slot machine offers many features such as scatters, sticky wilds, but also 3 different free spins modes for an ever increasing winning potential. 

  • Book of Tribes

Quickspin’s Book of Tribes is a high-volatility slot that offers a jackpot of up to x10,000 of the original bet. With an Aztec theme, the game offers a free spins feature for up to 10 spins, but also a buy-in bonus feature for faster access to the free spins that are the biggest source of winnings. 

 Medium Volatility Slots

There are many medium volatility slots available at Casinozer, however we have selected the best for you. 

  • Sticky Joker 

The Sticky Joker from popular slot publisher Play N Go is considered medium volatility. On the one hand because it offers regular payouts, and on the other hand because these payouts are not the highest. However, this slot machine offers fun gameplay and many bonus opportunities. 

Discover the other Play N Go slots!

  • Sweet Bonanza 

Another famous slot machine from Pragmatic Play is Sweet Bonanza. This slot machine could be described as a classic with its symbols and mode of operation, and it goes back to the essence of casino slots. But this version includes bonus features like free spins and bonus buy-ins. 

sweet bonanza

  • Monster Pop

Monster Pop from developer Betsoft is particularly popular with online casino players for its gameplay and game setting. This slot offers many features such as row and column duplication in case of winning combinations, but also bonus wilds and free spins. 

Duplicate rows and columns can offer an exponential source of winnings if you get lucky!

Low volatility slots

Finally we come to the last category of slot machines 

  • Starburst

A great classic of low volatility slots is Starburst from publisher Netent. It has an original graphic design and distinguishes itself from other slot machines by allowing winning combinations in both the left and right directions. In addition, the presence of the Joker symbol brings a new spin on the reels for more wins.

  • The Royal Family 

Renowned game developer Yggdrasil casino games offers this low volatility slot: The Royal Family. With symbols around royalty, this is a game where the games are comfortable and fun to play. Ideal for long gaming sessions. Don’t hesitate to test the game, jokers and wild bonuses are waiting for you for even more fun! 

  • Thunderstruck II

The latest popular low volatility game is without a doubt Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II. Its gameplay takes you into the world of Norse mythology and offers many features such as free spins, win multipliers and wild bonuses. 

thunderstruck II

What type of volatility should I choose? 

Now you need to ask yourself how to choose the right volatility that will match your way of playing and your expectation of winning. 

Before making your choice, you should first evaluate the following elements: 

  • Your budget (how much money do you have)
  • Your player profile (impulsive, cautious, measured…)
  • Your bankroll management (how you manage your casino budget)

Once these elements are established you can now choose which level of volatility will make you enjoy the game the most and keep you entertained. If you want a game with thrills and risks, then the high volatility slots will suit you perfectly! 

On the other hand, if you just want to have a good time without the risk of losing too much, then it is better to go for the medium and low volatility machines. With less risk involved, you can play long sessions in comfort.