When we talk about gambling, we inevitably come across the problem of casino addiction and the dependence of certain players. As Casinozer is a responsible online casino that cares about the well-being of its customers, we felt it was important to address this problem. In this article you will find out what characterizes an addicted player and how to get out of it with treatment.

The dangers of online gambling addiction

First of all, it is important to define what a gambling addiction is and therefore the behaviour of a person addicted to gambling. 

Addiction problem is a persistent and inappropriate use of gambling that leads to sometimes serious disturbances in the personal, family and professional activities of the addicted player. Gambling addiction problem is characterised by the risk of gambling on something of value in the hope of obtaining something of greater value. 

The risk of gambling addiction and disorder is even greater for online games because the platforms are available 24/7 and one plays with virtual money. Players therefore spend more money and play much more often. 

gambling addiction

The dangers of gambling addiction

As with most other addictions, gambling addiction has real dangers that can seriously impact the player’s life and health. In the case of casino addiction, the dangers are more likely to be in the financial health of the player. And he needs medical treatment, like a drug or alcohol problem.

Indeed, hoping to make up for his losses, or to win the jackpot, the addicted player will not only spend all his money, but he will also get into financial debt problem. They may take out debts, consumer loans, mortgage their property and will also ask their relatives for money. This behaviour will therefore lead not only to a disruption in their social relationships (isolation, tension, loss of friends and family) but also in their work. Indeed, we note that gambling addicts will neglect their work (absenteeism, drop in quality, loss of motivation) so much that they will be focused on their games. This behaviour can lead to the loss of a job or to dismissal, which makes the gambler’s situation even worse. 

In addition to the financial and social dangers, online gambling addiction also presents a real danger to the health of the player. On the one hand, there is a change in the player’s behaviour (isolation, irritability) as well as more serious health consequences such as heart problems. 

Risk factors for gambling addiction

Some gamblers will fall into addiction more easily than others. Indeed, there are several risk factors that will cause some players to become addicted more quickly than others. 

To begin with, there are other addictions such as smoking, alcohol or drugs. If a person is already addicted to something else then they will be more likely to fall into another type of addiction. 

Having money problems can also be a risk factor for gambling addiction. Gamblers who already have money problems will try to get richer by playing online gambling. As a reminder, online casinos are a place of entertainment and gambling, not a safe way to make money. On the contrary, these players are taking the risk of getting further into debt. 

Another risk factor is the personal and professional environment of the gambler. If a person has problems, he or she will tend to take refuge in gambling as a source of comfort and satisfaction.

Finally, in the majority of cases of casino addiction, we are dealing with people who have already won a large amount of money in the past and want to repeat this feat. They will continue to gamble and spend in the hope that luck will smile on them again. 

Pitfalls of gambling addiction 

In view of these elements, it is also worth talking about the beliefs and pitfalls of online gambling. To begin with, there is the certainty of winning, a player who gambles in excess is convinced that gambling is the only way out. So he will continue to gamble even if he loses in the hope that he will eventually win and pay off his debts.

Then we have the illusion of being in control of the game. As a reminder, online gambling is a game of luck and chance, especially for slot machines. Addicted gamblers are convinced that they can control the game and influence its outcomes by applying their own strategies. 

The final trap is the player’s beliefs that affect the way they bet and play. For example, they may believe that every full moon is a must win and will bet everything at that time. These beliefs are very strong because the player is convinced that this way he has all his chances to win and he does not pay attention to his losses.

How does one become addicted to casino games?

Becoming a gambling addict is much easier than you might think. Without realizing it, the gambler gradually plunges into the addiction. The more addicted he becomes, the more likely he is to get out of it. Moreover, a truly addicted player will not realise or will not want to see that he is in an addiction situation. 

The path to addiction

Addiction to online gambling consists of three distinct phases that lead an average player to play only for money and not for fun.

First of all there is the winning phase, during this phase the player has had a more or less important winning experience at the casino and he will try to renew this success. He will therefore continue to play, keeping in mind his winnings from the first time. He will follow the following logic: if I won the first time why shouldn’t I win again. Thus the pleasure of the game associated with the hope of winning will push the player to play more and more and to bet more. 

Then there is the loss phase, when the reality of the losses catches up with the player. The player, seeing his losses, will be pushed to play more and more to catch up and pay back the money lost. By doing this, he puts himself in more financial difficulty and makes the situation worse than anything else. He then starts to accumulate debts and take out loans to pay them back.

Finally, the so-called desperation phase, in which the player’s mind is completely occupied with the game, how he will find money to continue playing to always try to recover his losses. At this stage, the gambler becomes obsessed and enters a spiral of addiction, which leads to depression and behaviour that may be deviant.

How to detect gambling addiction? 

In order to know if you are addicted to gambling, or if you know people who are addicted, there are certain signs that should alert you. Most of these signs lie in the behaviour of the abusive gambler, particularly in the relationships he or she has with those around him or her. The behavior is pathological with compulsive, disorder, despression and self anxiety.

To begin with, in a gambling addiction situation, there are some symptoms. The gambler will hide his or her gambling problem from those around him (friends and family) and say, for example, that he or she no longer plays or does not play often. They will also become irritable or even angry when the subject is brought up. He will also spend more and more time on online casino platforms, play compulsive to the detriment of his family and social life. He will isolate himself and withdraw into gambling.

Then, it shows on his financial situation. The gambler will start to gamble and lose his savings and will incur debts to try to pay back. The gambler will gamble compulsively, based on negative emotions. In most cases, the player will even lose all sense of the value of money. The problem with online casinos is that the money is not materialized, it is virtual. The player is therefore not aware of the sums he loses. 

gambling addiction

How to get out of gambling addiction? 

Gambling addiction problem, and all forms of addiction, is a real illness that requires professional care, treatment and family support. The earlier the addiction is detected, the greater the chances of recovery. 

You should not hesitate to seek help from professionals and those around you to get out of this situation with treatment. We are going to present you the possible solutions to help a player to get out of his casino addiction situation.

Help numbers 

In most countries, such as France, there are toll-free numbers available. These organisations offer free help and support to people suffering from casino addiction. They can be reached by phone or e-mail 7 days a week and from 8 am to 2 am in general. The call is anonymous and a listening assistant will guide you to the best solutions and give you initial instructions. 

The first of these is to contact the online casino immediately to let them know that you are in an addiction situation. By doing this the casino is obliged to close the player account immediately with no possibility of reopening it. This way, if the player is caught up in the urge to gamble, they will be unable to give in to the urge and lose money again.  

Withdrawal therapy

As we have said, addiction is an illness and therefore requires medical care and therapy with specialised care, clinic and professionals in addiction. This medical care is necessary to completely cure one’s casino addiction. To do this, you need to go to one of the medical and social clinic present in each department and large cities. Consultations are free and confidential for help them to stop gambling.

Gamblers with a gambling addiction problem must undergo therapy with psychologists and addiction professionals. In some cases, hospitalisation in a specialised institution is necessary. 


For some time now, more and more people have been using hypnosis to treat their addictions. Hypnosis techniques can identify the triggers (emotions, situations) that cause the urge to gamble online. 

Thanks to these techniques and to meditation, the patient takes into account the origin of his addiction and can thus bring effective solutions. As the sessions and the treatment progress, the gambler’s mood will improve and anxiety will decrease. 

How to play gambling safely? 

In order not to fall into an addiction situation, it is important to play online gambling in a safe way. In order to do this, it is important to establish a budget for the casino. This budget should be set beforehand and should not exceed the expenses of everyday life.

Secondly, it is recommended that the player stops playing once they have won. Indeed, it is better to take a break from gambling after winning. The risk is to lose the accumulated winnings by playing again. 

Finally, it should be kept in mind that online gambling is and should be considered as a source of entertainment and not as a way to make money. We also invite you to read our article on the most common casino player errors

Now that you are informed about gambling addiction problem and related disorders then we invite you to join Casinozer to try our mini casino games, and our Play n go slots