Live action gaming games have become very popular with players in recent years. Among them we can mention the most famous ones like lightning roulette, blackjack or the famous Monopoly live. In this article we will take a look at the game Crazy Time casino, which has been popular with punters since 2020.

In this article we will look at Crazy Time, a game that has been popular with punters since 2020. We will look at the reasons for this, the particularity of this live action game, which is very different from slot machines, and finally how you can play it to try to win the jackpot while having a relaxing and entertaining time.

What is Crazy Time Casino live action?

The game Crazy Time Casino is a “live action” game, meaning that the games are played in real time by a human dealer, not a robot. 

Developed by the famous casino publisher Evolution, this game has been available since 2020 on the most popular and serious platforms like Casinozer

To begin with, we will introduce you to the basic operation of the game and the features that make it unique.

How does Crazy Time work?

Evolution’s Crazy Time game is based on the very simple principle of a wheel of fortune. The dealer or host spins the wheel, and your bet is multiplied according to the segment you land on. 

The player has to place his bet on the betting area and thus choose to bet on one or more of the 8 possibilities (the 4 multipliers and the 4 bonus mini-games). The player is completely free to place his bet as he wishes. He can also choose to bet on one or more possibilities.

game crazy time casino

If the wheel lands correctly on what was bet, there are two possibilities: either you land on a coefficient, in which case your bet is multiplied by the amount indicated. Or you can hit one of the 4 mini-game options, in which case you can try to win a larger amount of money. 

Game features

The very first feature of the game Crazy Time casino is that it belongs to the so-called live action category. This means that the games take place in real time and are hosted by a human dealer. The games last for half an hour, every 30 minutes the dealer changes and a new game is started.

Then there are 4 multiplier possibilities and 4 bonus mini-games. The possibilities are x1, x2, x5 and x10. If you bet correctly and hit it then your bet is multiplied by the multiplier. As for the mini games (Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt or Crazy Time), if you land on one of them then the host will take you to the dedicated board.

Finally, players can bet from a minimum of 10 cents to a maximum of €2,500. The overall RTP of the game is around 95.5%, making it one of the most profitable in gambling.

What is a live action game? 

A live action game represents the evolution of i-gaming, it is a hybrid game between the physical and online casino. Indeed, the user can play from home on his screen, but he is not alone during the game. 

Indeed, live games bring a human dimension, as they use a real dealer to animate the game. This category is very popular with punters as they are no longer alone in their game. Live games are hosted by a live dealer, which pushes the boundaries of entertainment.

Many games are available live such as poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack. User reviews show that this feature is highly appreciated as it gives the impression of being in a physical casino even though the game is being played on screen.

How to play live action crazy time casino?

Now that we’ve introduced you to the concept of the live game, let’s take a look at how a game is played and what you need to consider in your game strategy.

Indeed, you will see that the game can seem a bit complex at first, and a misunderstanding of the game and its rules can lead to a loss of winnings. So to help you get to grips with this unique game follow our guide!

How does a game of crazy time work?

To begin with, this is a real money game, so it is necessary to make a deposit to fund your account. Your deposit can of course be made by credit card or crypto currency.

The game goes like this: you have a few moments to place your bets on the betting area. As soon as the chips are placed, the croupier launches the wheel. If the wheel stops at one of the segments you bet on, then either the bet is multiplied by the coefficient. Or if you bet on a bonus, then the corresponding mini-game opens. 

Once the round is over and the profits have been redistributed, you can place a new or the same amount and the host goes back for a round.

The different crazy time bonus mini-games.

The advantage of the game Crazy Time casino is that it offers a diversified source of entertainment thanks to its unique gameplay. Indeed, as we have seen, there are 4 coefficients that allow you to multiply your starting bet tenfold, but you have also noticed that the game includes 4 other possibilities called bonuses

These mini games allow players to multiply the amount bet if they fall on them. Let’s take a look at how these mini games work and what they can do for you.

  • Coin Flip

This bonus is based on the principle of the coin flip game. You can choose between 2 coefficients: one on the red side of the coin, and the other on the blue side. The objective is to guess and bet on which side it will fall. The advantage of this mini game is that it is present on 4 segments. This means that you have more chances to fall on it than on the others.

Before the dealer throws the coin, the player has to choose between the 2 multipliers that appear. These multipliers are randomly assigned and can range from x2 to x100. If the coin lands face up on the bet choice, then the bet is won and the bet is multiplied by the multiplier.

gale crazy time casino

  • Pachinko

If you’re lucky, you may come across one of the Pachinko bonus mini-game segments. Present twice on the whole wheel, it allows to bring a profit higher than the others. The principle of the game will probably remind you of Spribe’s Plinko casino game.

If you come across this bonus, the host will take you to the board where the bonus will be played. The board is a wall of pins and at the base are 16 squares that contain the various multipliers that are randomly arranged. Pay attention because you may find one of the “double” squares.

The game starts when the host drops a puck from the top of the wall to the bottom. The square that the puck hits at the bottom is the coefficient that is applied to the starting amount. If you are lucky and it lands on the square with the “double”, then all the coefficients are doubled and the dealer rolls again until it lands on a coefficient. As you can see, with this principle, you can easily increase your starting bet sometimes up to x10,000.

crazy time pachinko

  • Cash Hunt

Also appearing twice, this mini-game is particularly appreciated by players thanks to its interactive aspect. This bonus is based on the principle of a funfair shooting range. On a wall are 108 boxes with multipliers. These are hidden and represented by symbols

The bettor must then aim at a symbol (without knowing what coefficient is associated with it), it is also possible to let the game decide on the symbol. The host then triggers a lever that will move the symbols, the objective is to hit it with a sighting gun. When the game is over, the drawings reveal the multipliers and the bet amount is multiplied by the coefficient hit.

cash hunt

  • Crazy Time

Present only once on the game, the Crazy Time mini-game is the best bonus you can get. If you land on it, then the host will take you to another wheel consisting of multipliers or free spins. 

It’s the same principle of spinning the wheel to hit a multiplier number. You have to choose between 3 colour selectors (green, blue, yellow) then the host presses the button to launch the wheel. The segment that falls under the colour selector you have chosen will multiply your bet by its coefficient. If you are lucky, you may land on the “double” or “triple“, in which case all the coefficients are doubled or tripled and the wheel is restarted. 

Where can I play at Crazy Time Casino?

Want to play the game Crazy Time Casino? Then go to your favorite platform, Casinozer. The game is available and accessible in the search bar. Just type in the name to find it. 

Of course it is also available on other online casino platforms, although not all of them offer this type of live game. We recommend that you take your informations before signing up to make sure you get the type you want.

As Crazy Times Casino is a live game, the demo mode is unfortunately not available to players. We therefore recommend that you read this article carefully and then test the game over several rounds with low stakes to get a feel for how it works. 

Even if the rules may seem numerous and complex, you will see that after a few rounds you will finally understand how the game works. All you have to do is increase your bet to maximize your chances of winning.

How to win at Crazy Times Casino ?

Now that you have a good understanding of how the game Crazy Time Casino works, you may be wondering if there are any “winning” strategies to ensure a good return every time. 

Of course, it is still a gaming game, based on chance and luck, so there are no strategies that will allow you to win every time. However, it is possible to apply different strategies to optimise your bets.

The different strategies for winning at Crazy Times.

One of the most popular features of Crazy Times is that it is possible to develop different strategies to optimize your winnings and limit your losses. 

Casinozer has gathered for you the 3 strategies that you can apply during your games. We advise you to test them one by one in order to choose the one that suits you best and the one that will bring you the most profit. The strategies below will mainly play on the volatility of the game.

1- The low volatility strategy

By playing with a low volatility strategy, the objective is to limit losses while making the session last as long as possible. To do this, you simply spread your bet evenly across all multipliers and bonuses. This way, you ensure that you will at least be refund for your bet in case of a loss. This is especially the case if you play a bonus with wager.

2- Medium volatility strategy

By applying a medium volatility strategy, the objective is to take more risk to try to increase your chances of profit. To do this, you can bet on bonuses which, as we have seen, can be a source of immense profit. We also advise you to bet on the x2 multiplier simply because it is the most present.

3- The high volatility strategy

With this high volatility strategy number, you are taking more risk, but you are trying to get a significant winning. With this strategy, you should only bet on the mini games, because if you land on them, they can give you a much better multiplier than the initial wheel.

How much can I earn on Crazy Time?

In order to help you see more clearly, but also to realise the potential benefits of Crazy Time at Casinozer, we have put together this table. It lists all the possible winnings (probability of winning) as well as the payout rate for each multiplier and mini-game. 

Number of segments Probability of winning RTP
Multiplicateur x1 20 39 % 96 %
Multiplicateur x2 14 25 % 96 %
Multiplicateur x5 7 13 % 96 %
Multiplicateur x10 4 7 % 96 %
Coin Flip 4 7 % 95 %
Pachinko 2 4 % 94 %
Cash hunt 2 4 % 95 %
Crazy Time 1 2 % 94 %

You now have a clear picture of the possible winnings you can achieve, as well as your probability of winning money. 

Are there any bonuses available in this game?

If you’re a regular player, you’ll know that bonuses are available for most games, especially slots. Whether it’s free spins, deposit bonuses or wagering bonuses, Casinozer has a variety of bonus offers available to its customers. You can receive them either by email or via our Casinozer telegram channel. 

It is therefore natural that you should ask yourself whether bonuses exist for the Crazy Times wheel game. Unfortunately the answer is no. Indeed, as it is a live game, there is no possibility of bonus to play for free or to get an advantage. However, we remind you that you don’t have to place a large bet on this game, 10 cents is enough to play. 

We will conclude with the feedback and opinions of Casinozer users on the game Crazy Time from the publisher Evolution. Most of them are more than satisfied with this game, especially thanks to its unique gameplay. Indeed, the concept of the wheel of fortune is exploited to the full to offer a unique gaming experience to punters with a real possibility of making profits

So don’t wait any longer, and join us on Casinozer to start your first games, and discover many other games like slot machines the Aviator casino game, Mines casino ou Goal casino game that are waiting for you!