Since 2015, a particular type of slot machines has been appearing in online casino platforms: the Megaways casino games. Developed by the Australian software company Big Time Gaming, these new slot machines seduce players with their unique game play and jackpot opportunities.

In this article we will introduce you to what a Megaways machine is, as well as the best Megaways casino games you can find at Casinozer. 

What is a Megaways casino slot machine? 

Before we introduce you to the best Megaways casino games at Casinozer, it’s worth defining what a Megaways slot is and how it differs from regular slots. 

You will also find out how Megaways casino games work and what their special features are.

megaways casino

How is a Megaways different from a regular slot machine?

You might be wondering what the differences are between Megaways and regular slots. The main difference is the number of reels. While classic slots have a fixed number of reels throughout the game, Megaways have a reel modifier that will greatly alter the number of paylines. This innovation not only increases the chances of winning, but also the potential for winning on each spin.

They are made up of 2 to 7 different symbols with 5 or 6 reels in general. As a result, many successful classic slot machines have been updated to offer an even more addictive Megaways version for online casino players. 

How does a Megaways casino slot machine work?

The principle of the Megaways slot machine remains the same as a classic slot machine. You have to line up identical symbols from left to right to win. 

  • The founctioning of Megaways Slots

The principle of a Megaways slot machine is to line up 3 identical symbols from the first reel onwards to get a win. They can be on any line and offer a possibility of winning. However, even if you have a large number of similar symbols but the first 3 reel rule is not met then the round is lost. It is also possible to win with more than one different symbol. 

But the innovation of these slots lies in the paylines, while the classic ones offer between 10 and 40, the Megaways offer the possibility to have up to 117,649 lines. This greatly increases the chances of winning large sums of money. 

  • Megaways Payline Calculation

As we have seen above, Megaways casino games can have up to 117,649 paylines. This number is calculated by multiplying the 7 symbols on the 6 reels (maximum capacity) by 7x7x7x7x7x7. So the more signs and reels there are, the more possible paylines there are. 

The formula for calculating the number of possible lines is as follows: number of reels x number of symbols per reel = number of winning possibilities.

Megaways slot machine features.

As well as having a changing number of paylines and reels, Megaways slots machines also offer many features and functionality to enhance the player’s gaming experience. These features also allow the player to increase their winnings potential.  

  • Stunts

The stunt phenomenon occurs when the player comes across a winning combination of symbols. In this situation, they explode and disappear, only to have others appear in their place. It is possible to produce consecutive cascades in a single spin to win more and more.

  • The progressive win multiplier

Accompanying the cascade moves, the progressive win multiplier is initially x1 and increases by +1 with each subsequent cascade. The more cascades that occur, the more the multiplier will increase by x1 each time. 

  • Bonus wilds

Bonus wilds allow you to substitute a missing symbol to cause a win. For example, if you have the same symbol on reels 1 and 3 and a wildbonus on reel 2, you win.

  • Mystery symbols

Another special feature of Megaways is the mystery symbols. As soon as you land on 3 identical symbols then these turn into to reveal a common symbol and thus enable one or more lines.

  • Buying bonuses

Megaways slots also offer the opportunity to purchase bonuses during games. During the game, players can purchase a win multiplier or buy free spins for the chance to win even more. 

  • Free spins

The final feature of Megaways casino games is the ability to get free spins. To trigger them you need to get all 3 freespins symbols, they don’t have to be in a row. Stumbling upon free spins offers the player the opportunity to collect a large sum of money by betting on a single spin. 

The best Megaways casino games at Casinozer

Now that you know how Megaways slots work and the innovative features they have, it’s time to find out which are the best Megaways casino games you can find at Casinozer. 

The Dog House Megaways 

The Dog House Megaways is one of the most popular Megaways casino games at Casinozer. Published by the renowned developer Pragmatic Play, this slot machine is a megaways enhanced version of the original The Dog House game.  

the dog house

The game play is set in the world of dogs with a kennel, and symbols like marrow bones and collars. The Dog House Megaways offers 117,649 lines and has an excellent RTP of 96.55%. You can place bets of between 20 cents and €100 per spin. The machine also has an auto mode. The bet is 20 cents min and 100 euros max.

The Dog House Megaways has two special symbols: 

  • The doghouse symbol 

This is a wild symbol that can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. If the player lands on it, the wild symbol becomes a x2 or x3 multiplier.

  • Dog Paw Symbol 

This symbol represents the free spins. To activate it, you need to get at least 3 on the game grid. You can also buy free spins as a bonus by purchasing them at the price of your bet x100. The number of free spins will vary according to the number of dog legs obtained: between 7 free spins for 3 and 20 for 6.

There are no symbol stunts in this game.

Madame Destiny Megaways

Yet another very famous Megaways slot from Pragmatic Play, this one is Madame Destiny Megaways. Notably, this is an innovation of the original game released in 2018, Madame Destiny

madame destiny

Madame Destiny Megaways takes you into an esoteric game atmosphere of fortune telling and witchcraft with symbols like crystal balls, black cats and tarot cards. This slot machine consists of 6 reels and an additional 4 symbols located above the grid. You can bet a minimum (min) of 20 cents and a maximum (max) of 100 euros. 

The main feature of this casino game is the cascade system. As soon as a winning combination occurs, it is removed and the boxes split in two to reveal new symbols. The cascade system continues until there are no more winning combinations. 

You can get free spins with the crystal ball symbol, a wheel of fortune appears divided into 2 rings: the first one will determine the number of free spins and the second one will associate a multiplier up to x25. It is also possible to buy a bonus for 100x the starting bet. 

This megaways machine is particularly popular with online casino players as it offers up to 5,000x winnings and 200,074 paylines. It has an RTP of 96.56% with high volatility.

Bonanza Megaways

With similar game play to Madame Destiny Megaways, Bonanza Megaways developed by publisher Big Time Gaming immerses the player in the world of gold mining with symbols such as diamonds and precious stones buried under rocks. 

bonanza megaways

Consisting of 6 reels with 6 symbols, Bonanza Megaways also offers an additional bonus feature with 4 possible symbols. The 5 gemstones are multipliers that allow you to get up to 50 times the bet. The bet is 20 cents min and 100 euros max.

You will find features such as cascades, where winning combinations of symbols are replaced by others to cause chain wins. Then there are 2 letters available, O and R, if the player can make up the word GOLD then they will get 12 spins.

Bonanza Megaways also has a progressive multiplier feature. If the player lands on 3 diamond symbols during the free spins then they win an additional 5 free spins. Each free spin is thus associated with a multiplier that starts with x1 and increases by 1 unit each time. There are also many wild bonus and slots to win at each round for get high jackpot. 

The slot machine has a 96% RTP with high volatility to allow you to win up to x12,000 your starting bet. The game also has a control panel to set up the game as well as the automatic mode. 

What is the strategy for winning at Megaways machines? 

Now that you know more about how the Megaways machines work and the best Megaways casino games at Casinozer, you need to ask yourself how you can maximize your winnings and win every time.

Of course, betting a large amount, such as 1 Euro, will give you the best chance of hitting the jackpot. However, don’t forget that you can’t win every time. That’s why if you have a small bankroll, it’s advisable to bet small amounts between 10 and 50 cents. This will allow you to win small amounts regularly without losing too much. 

Nevertheless, we remind you that online casino games are based on luck. It is therefore not possible to win every time. Online gambling should remain in the realm of entertainment, at the risk of falling into a gambling addiction.

We also recommend that you try out the Megaways casino games in demo mode, to find out which one you like the most and which one brings you the most.

What bonuses are available for Megaways casino games?

In order to discover the Megaways casino games or to try your luck at winning the jackpot, Casinozer offers a number of bonuses for testing the new Megaways machines. 

All of these bonuses are bonuses that require a casino money deposit into your Casinozer player account. Once the deposit is made and depending on the offer, you can benefit from two different types of bonuses:

  • Free spins bonus

Free spins bonuses are particularly popular with online casino players. The value of a spin can vary depending on the bonus offer, it is usually between 20 cents and 1 euro maximum. They allow players to get free spins on the slot machine of their choice or the bonus offer.

  • Bonus with wager

Bonuses with wager casino feature a deposit bonus that will have a wagering requirement. In general, the wagering requirements applied by Casinozer are x30. This means that the player must wager 30 times their deposit in order to withdraw their winnings. However, these wagering bonuses are associated with a percentage of the deposit offered. For example, a bonus of 150% of the deposit amount.   

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