Inspired by the Wheel of Fortune and adapted from the famous game of the same name, Monopoly Live casino is invading online casino platforms. This success story from publisher Evolution Gaming has won over players thanks to its innovative and fun gameplay.

Here you will discover how to play Monopoly Live at Casinozer as well as all the game’s features.

What is Monopoly Live casino ?

Monopoly Live is a casino software developed by the famous publisher Evolution Gaming casino. Indeed, it specialises in live casino games and offers an immersive experience thanks to its innovative gameplay. The developer’s games are always a huge success, as with game Crazy Time Casino

monopoly live casino

Monopoly Live Game

Live casino games have the particularity of being animated by a human dealer in real time. It is possible to play at any time from home or on a mobile device. In addition, a live chat function allows players to chat with each other during the games.

Monopoly Live takes place in a colourful setting, with superb graphics and animations. The background music and visual effects provide a unique experience for the player. On the board you will find the big wheel, the host and his virtual assistant, the famous “Mr. Monopoly”. 

To play, you have to bet and guess the square on which the wheel will stop. The squares offer numerous multipliers, chance options and bonus features. Once the bets have been placed, the host spins the wheel and distributes the winnings. The games go on and on.

Game features 

Monopoly Live has a payout ratio (RTP) of 96.23%. The game is also characterised by high casino volatility, with the possibility of winning large prizes up to 500,000 on the starting bet. The minimum bet is 10 cents and the maximum is €2,500.

monopoly wheel

The game’s wheel of fortune consists of 54 segments associated with multipliers or special functions. You will find:

  • 23 grey segments with a multiplier of x1 for an RTP of 92.88%.
  • 15 green segments with a multiplier of x2 for an RTP of 96.23%.
  • 7 pink segments with a multiplier of x5 for an RTP of 91.30%.
  • 4 blue segments with a multiplier of x10 for an RTP of 96.02%.

The other segments of the Monopoly wheel are the bonus options that allow you to win free spins. You have the possibility to fall on “2 rolls” and “4 rolls” segments with a payout ratio of 93.90% and 93.67% respectively. Finally, it is possible to hit a lucky square to access the bonus game and get a big win.

The rules of Monopoly Live

The rules of the game are very simple, at the beginning of each game, players place their bets. They have to guess on which square the wheel will fall during the round. Then the host spins the wheel and the pointer indicates the winning square. 

If the player has guessed correctly, the winnings are distributed as follows: 

  • For the multiplier boxes, the starting bet is multiplied by the associated number.
  • For 2 and 4 roll boxes, the player gets 2 or 4 extra free spins and gets the rewards at the end of the spins played. 
  • For a lucky square, the player wins a cash prize or a bigger multiplier bonus.

If the player’s prediction is not correct, then he loses his initial stake. To continue playing, he can change his bet within the time limit between 2 game sessions.

How to play Monopoly Live Casino ?

To start playing Monopoly Live, you need to make a casino money deposit in order to have the necessary funds to bet. Then, simply go to your Casinozer player account from your computer, smartphone or tablet and type Monopoly Live in the search bar.

Mr Monopoly

How the game goes ?

To start, you must place your starting bet in the few seconds before the game begins. You have 6 betting options: the 4 numbered segments and the 2 rolls or 4 rolls. Once the bets are placed, the host spins the big wheel. 

If the pointer comes to rest on any of the segment squares, then the bet is multiplied by the indicated multiplier. If the pointer lands on the 2 and 4 rolls, the bonus game function is activated and the player can receive free spins. Finally, if the wheel stops on the luck card then the virtual assistant “Mr. Monopoly” presents a card to the player that can win either a random cash prize or a multiplier.

During the games, Mr. Monopoly collects multipliers and distributes them among all the players on the board to win more and more money for good predictions. Once paid, you have a few seconds to place their new bet and the games continue.

Bonus features

The great feature of Monopoly Live is the bonus game function, which allows players to win big. When one of the bonus features is activated, Mr Monopoly moves to the other side of the screen and a new game board appears. This is the classic monopoly board and is played with dice.

bonus game

The player rolls both dice to advance the number of spaces indicated, Mr Monopoly moves across the board and awards the prizes to the player. In the case of a 2 roll then, the player throws the dice at least twice, while the 4 roll allows 4 throws. In case of a double with the dice, the players receive an extra free spin.

The winnings in the bonus game are paid according to the properties on which the player stops. Just like in the basic game, houses and hotels placed on properties increase the prize money. In addition, if you pass through the start box then all prizes are doubled. On the other hand, and to add some spice to the game, if you fall on the “Income Tax” or “Luxury Tax” boxes then your winnings will be reduced. Finally, if you fall on the “Go to jail” box, you will have to double the dice to get out. 

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Our tips for winning at Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is still a casino game, so it relies on luck and chance and does not guarantee wins. There is therefore no effective strategy to win every time. However, it is possible to maximise your chances with several measures.

First of all, as with any casino game, you need to know how to stop playing, especially when you are trying to chase losses. This is one of the most common casino players errors. Also make sure you maintain your funds with good bankroll management.

Secondly, we advise you to always bet on multipliers 1 and 2 as these are the most numerous slots. You are more likely to land on them and ensure regular wins or reduce your losses. Finally, don’t hesitate to bet on the bonus 2 and 4 rolls, these bonus features are ideal to win big amounts.


What is the RTP of the Monopoly Live game ?

The overall RTP of Monopoly Live is 96.23%.

Who is the publisher of Monopoly Live ?

The publisher of Monopoly Live is Evolution Gaming

Can I play Monopoly Live on my mobile phone ?

You can play Monopoly Live on your smartphone or tablet with the Casinozer mobile version.

Can I play Monopoly Live for free ?

As with all live action games, it is not possible to play Monopoly Live for free.