Adapted from a famous American game show, developer Spribe’s Plinko mini-game offers online gaming casinos players the chance to make big winnings with gambling while having a great time. 

In this article we’ll take a look at the game’s features, the way to play as well as our top tips for maximizing your chances of making a profit

What is the Plinko casino mini-game?

The Plinko casino mini-game is an online casino game designed with a bord like a pyramid. The objective is to make balls fall from the top to the bottom. The pyramid is made up of pins in rows. As the ball falls, it makes its way through the pins to the base of the pyramid where the multipliers are located.

The interest of this mini-game is that the pyramid can be modified, in fact the player can choose the number of pins he wants, but also bet on the color to reach more or less important coefficients.

plinko casino game

The characteristics of the Plinko game.

Spribe’s Plinko game is mainly characterized by its settings. Indeed, the player can choose the configuration of the pyramid by selecting the number of pins that constitute it. He can choose between 12, 14 or 16 pins. 

Once the number is chosen, he can choose to bet on 3 colors at most, green, orange and red. Of course, it is possible to bet on more than one at the same time in order to optimize your chances of winning and have a low risk. 

These two parameters will determine the potential of each game. Indeed, the higher the number of pins, the higher the winnings, the higher risk. The same principle applies when betting on red, the player tries his luck and risk to reach higher multiplier coefficients. He also increases the risk of losing his initial wagering. 

Finally, Plinko stands out for its high RTP (Return to Player) of 98%, which makes it one of the most profitable mini-games’ casinos for players, far more profitable than a slots machine. 

In addition, it is also equipped with the provably fair cryptographic feature, which allows customers to view the outcome of each game and thus verify that all bets have been placed correctly without outside intervention. This cryptographic technique of provably fair is available for all Spribe mini games distributed by casinos such as Casinozer, Stake and Betfury. Furthermore, they all offer the possibility to withdraw in bitcoin (btc).

What are the possible winnings?

The system of coloured zones as well as the associated multiplier coefficients depending on the number of pins chosen per row, offer very different possibilities. 

In order to help you see more clearly, we have made the following table to give you a review of possible max and low earnings. 

12 pins 14 pins 16 pins
Green x11 x18 x35
Orange x25 x55 x118
Red x141 x353 x555

How to play Plinko?

Now that you have seen the different characteristics of the Plinko casino game. We will detail how a game is actually played, as well as the different media on which you can find and play the game.

How does a game of Plinko work? 

To start gambling, the player has to visit Casinozer. In order to play Plinko, the player must ensure that they have a sufficient balance in their account to be able to bet. The deposit can be made via credit card or in crypto currencies such as bitcoins (btc) for example.

Then the player can choose the amount of his bet, ranging from a minimum of 10 cents to a maximum of 100 euros. Once placed, he can finally configure his game by selecting the number of pins desired in the pyramid to increase or decrease the risk of the game. He then simply selects the color he wants the ball to fall. The player can drop several balls of different colors at the same time. 

The ball starts at the top of the pyramid and travels across the entire surface in rows to the base. The point at which it lands corresponds to a multiplier. Once the ball has landed, the starting bet is multiplied by the coefficient reached. Then the gambling player can claim his winnings.

plinko casino game

Once the bet has been won, the customer can choose to withdraw their profits either by bank transfer or in crypto currencies such as bitcoin (btc) as with Stake or Betfury online casinos.

Where can I play the Plinko game?

The Plinko game is available at your favorite casino, Casinozer, in the mini-games category. You will also find it on other online casinos platforms such as Stake and Betfury, which have partnered with the developer to make Spribe mini-games available. Beware however that you may not find it on all online casino platforms even though other Spribe games are available.

Finally, a casino mobile version of this game is available. So you can play it on a smartphone or tablet, the gameplay and comfort of the game will not be affected. Play Plinko anytime and anywhere for a relaxing and entertaining time.

How to win at Plinko at Casinozer?

Yes, it is possible to make money better than slot machines for example. Thanks to its gameplay, it is very easy to make money with Plinko. We will see if there is a strategy to maximize your chances of winning. We will also talk about the different bonuses (free or with deposit) that Casinozer offers to its customers, sometimes free, to help them discover the game and optimize their profits.

What is the best technique for the Plinko mini-game?

Even if Plinko remains a casino money game which is therefore based on luck and chance, it is nevertheless possible to develop a winning strategy based on probability, just like the strategies applied for games like roulette or poker. 

Indeed, the real strategy lies in the way you choose the number of pins and the colour to bet on. We have played a lot of games to be able to give you these tips that will allow you to win or at least limit your losses. 

To apply these tips we recommend that you play in auto mode. Indeed, the large number of games and possibilities will allow you to ensure a minimum profitability. 

  • Tip 1

The first strategy you can use is to select 16 pins and bet on green and orange. This trick allows you to limit your losses while ensuring your profits in a rather constant way. Furthermore, in this configuration, you can multiply your starting bet by 118. 

  • Tip 2

A second tip would be to bet on safety by choosing the 3 zones and selecting the 14-pin option. Then simply start the game in automatic mode. This configuration allows you to “play on all the boards” and thus spread the risk and the chances of winning. Betting on green and orange ensures a minimum win and betting on red ensures a higher multiplier. 

  • Tip 3

The third and final tip is a little riskier than the previous ones. It involves playing on a 14-pin pyramid, but this time only betting on green or red simultaneously. This game setting allows players to multiply their starting amount by up to 353 times. The bets on the green will be used to ensure small but steady winnings.

We advise you to gambling with a low risk and don’t hesitate to claim your winnings. So we invite you to try these different combinations to find the right one you think will be a winner. To do this, we just recommend that you use the demo mode so that you don’t have to play for real money but for free. 

Casinozer bonuses available at Plinko

Do you want to test the Plinko casino game machine or maximize your winnings with bonuses ? Casinozer offers a multitude of bonus (free spins) with a deposit or not. Some of these bonus are free for its customers and new registrants compared to other online casinos such as Stake or Bgaming. Whether it’s a welcome bonus casino for new players, or promotional offers sent by email. It is easily possible to get a bonus for playing in the form of free spins. So do not hesitate to contact the customer support by email or live chat to claim your bonuses.

Finally, we invite you to join our Casinozer telegram channel, where we regularly post deposit or free bonus, free spins, challenges and special offers for all subscribing customers.

The overall review and rating of the users is particularly positive because it ensures, as we have seen, a high return rate and wagering than slots machines. Thanks to the review, rating and return of gambling players we can keep improving our gambling casinos sites compare to casinos sites as Stake or Bgaming.

If this article has been helpful to you, then don’t wait any longer, visit and play Plinko at Casinozer right now and claim your first winnings. We also invite you to visit our other casino mini-games articles such as Hilo casino, Mines or Goal casino game and start play and take risk in free demo mode or with your free and deposit bonus on free spins. You can claim your bonus to the customer board support on live chat or by mail. 

You can also play at our best live action game Crazy Time casino, and gaming slot machines and win a max spins with deposit on crypto like bitcoin (btc) or credit card. Yes, just try and look at playing and wagering to find your best right board gaming with a good provably fair system on Casinozer.