Do you want to become a professional casino player? You are at the right place! But first of all it is necessary to give a definition of what is a professional casino player. This type will be distinguished from other players, because he will play not for the pleasure of playing, but with the sole purpose of winning money.

However the task is not so easy, becoming a professional requires skills, patience, time and strong partnerships with one or more casinos. In this article we will reveal our best tips to help you achieve this.

Becoming a professional casino player on the main games 

Whether it’s slot machines or casino table games, it’s important to follow some basic rules to become a professional. 

Each category of casino games has its own way of playing to maximize profits and gain expertise. 

Slots machines

Slots are one of the most entertaining and addictive games in the casino. On the one hand, because they are simple to play and do not require any particular strategy. On the other hand, because they can win a lot in a few spins. The constant innovations in this type of game make them more and more popular with players. 

professional casino player

However, in order to become a professional slot machine player, you need to observe certain rules and a methodology that allows you to limit your losses and maximise your winnings. To begin with, it is important to remember that each slot machine has its own characteristics, features and settings that will vary from one machine to another. Before jumping into a slot machine, it’s important to understand how the game works and its specific features. Although slot machines are still a game of chance, knowing the rules can reduce the risk of loss. That’s why we advise you to test the settings in the free slot machine with the demo versions.

Next, it is essential to identify your profile in order to know your strengths and weaknesses and to adapt your game to your profile. We identify 3 different bettor profiles: 

  • The player who plays for the pleasure of playing. He plays only for pleasure and entertainment, which is why he plays little by little but without spending too much. 
  • The persevering gambler hunts for winnings above all else, but knows his or her gambling and deposit limits.
  • The gambler is a high roller who may have a form of gambling addiction. This is obviously not the profile of a professional casino player.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games among online casino players, especially because of the different ways of betting, thinking and blackjack strategy. This is why everyone develops their own method based on their successes and mistakes. We recommend that you memorize the blackjack table so that you can quickly learn what to bet for each game.

professional casino player

To become a professional blackjack player, it is important to watch many games to learn from the experience of other professional players. The key to success is observation, whether it is the game on the table, the rules, or the players themselves and how they play. Although chance is an important part of blackjack, mastering the rules and codes of the game will maximize your winnings.


Poker is the most popular game in casinos, both land-based and online. This is partly because of the competitive environment, and partly because of the high payout expectations that the game brings, as there is no house edge. 

First of all to become a professional in poker you need to have the poker rules in mind, then there is no secret you need to practice and play sessions to gain experience. With time, you will be able to develop your strategy and evaluate all the different scenarios to maximize your chances of winning.  

If you want to improve quickly, we advise you to take some poker coaching courses.

The most important rule for being a professional casino poker is bankroll management. A good casino player knows how to manage his money, so he knows when to bet a lot on a move and when to withdraw to limit his losses. In poker, observation is also very important in determining the poker playing styles of opponents.

professional casino player

Note that the best poker players started at a very young age, the earlier you start the better you become over time and this is true for all disciplines. Don’t hesitate to enter online poker competitions to learn your game.

Once you have generated enough income that you can declare as a turnover and pay taxes on it, then you will become a professional casino player.


The game of roulette is characterised by high casino volatility, which makes it a real game of chance. This leaves little room for a strategy that maximizes your chances of winning. To become a professional roulette player, you should try several roulettes and check your statistics.  This way you can easily determine which one makes you win the most and on a regular basis.

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lightning roulette

There are however methods that allow you to optimize your chances of winning, starting with the Zographos method. This method is based on the history of the colours of the roulette on a rhythm of 3 hands. The first step of the Zographos method is to let 3 moves go by and observe the results, for example: Red/Black/Red, and then bet on the same sequence the next 3 moves.

The player wins randomly on the red and black squares. But the sixth move falls on a black square, so it is lost. In the next three rounds, he will bet on a new sequence. Since the ball landed on red on the first and fourth move, the player must bet on red on the 7th move. The black colour fell on the second and fifth shot, so you have to bet on black on the 8th shot. The Zographos method has a limitation, however, as it is played on a maximum of 24 hands, so it is not an exact probability strategy.

Finally, another casino roulette technique is to look at the history of the numbers that have come up to bet on the next rounds. However, it is impossible to establish a logical sequence since the values are random and do not follow any logical mathematical sequence. It is therefore important to know when to stop playing and this is the skill that characterizes a professional casino player.

Our tips for becoming a professional casino player

You need to be aware of the time and money that you will be committing. However, you must be careful not to fall into casino player errors and risk losing a lot. That’s why we’ve provided our top tips to help you make igaming your profession.

Play on a reliable online casino platform

The very first tip is about the choice of the online casino, it is necessary to bet on a reliable and secure platform. Don’t hesitate to research the casino and check out the reviews and feedback from the platform’s users. Make sure the casino is fair with efficient and available customer support and various payment methods for withdrawals and deposits.

When choosing your online casino, you should also look at the richness of the games catalogue, the bonuses including the welcome bonus casino and the promotional offers. Don’t forget to check the terms of use to find out how the casino works and what is prohibited. Finally, for casinos that are also bookmakers, compare the platforms to find the one that offers the best sports betting odds.

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Choose your games carefully 

Between table games, slot machines, mini-games, live games or online sports betting, you have to make a choice to specialize on a particular game or genre. Indeed, it is difficult to become a professional on all games, the greatest players have a speciality (poker, slot machines, blackjack, esport betting…). Test several types of games and focus on the ones where you have the most skill and that entertain you the most.

Once you have chosen the game(s), it is essential to know the rules, their variants and the different strategies by heart. The professional gambler knows everything about the course of a game, which reduces the risk of loss and maximises the opportunity to win. 

Controlling emotions

Casino games are games of chance, so it is impossible to win every time. You can even lose or win for long periods of time. The adrenaline of winning and losing can cause the player to become emotional and make irrational choices. 

As a professional gambler, you have to remember the risks to your bankroll if you act rashly. That’s why it’s important to keep your emotions in check, especially if you’re impulsive by nature to make the right decisions during a session. Also learn when to stop, as it is possible to win every time in the long run. Don’t hesitate to take a break during your gaming sessions and resume the next day. To become a pro, you need to calmly analyse your games and keep your self-control in order to seize every opportunity to win.

Get known through online tournaments

Finally, our last piece of advice is to get involved in online tournaments. The most famous professional casino players have made a name for themselves in this way. Whether it’s poker or blackjack, for example, they allow players to showcase their skills by competing against others. 

Some of the tournaments organised by online casinos are international in scope and feature players from all over the world. As well as offering the chance to win big, players can either be noticed by a professional gaming team and join them, or become a trainer. By becoming a trainer, the professional increases their income by giving coaching courses. Finally, they can also become a brand ambassador, in all cases this represents a considerable financial advantage and is part of a professional casino player’s income.

Partnering with an online casino 

As we have seen above, the choice of platform is important to get started. One of the main reasons is that the majority of professional casino players are partnered with online casinos. Partnerships with online casinos are great sources of revenue for the pros and offer many advantages.

Once you have chosen your online casino platform and have a community of players following you, it will be worth considering a partnership with the casino. Indeed, most online casinos have affiliate programs that allow professional players to get bonus benefits.

Casino affiliation program is a system that allows you to be paid by an online casino when an affiliated player brings traffic and new players. Affiliation consists of paying commissions to a person, an influencer who brings new customers to the remunerating entity. Therefore, the practice of casino affiliation in the online gaming world is a safe and effective way to ensure traffic and bring new players to the casino. 

In order to get known and to optimize your chances of partnership, you must have a large enough community. To acquire followers, we recommend becoming a casino streamer and filming your gaming sessions live.