Are you a fan of vintage video games and old school arcades? Then the new Save the Princess mini-game from supplier Turbo Games will win you over! 

A perfect combination of casino and video game, this new mini-game is sure to win the hearts of online casino players with its exciting and entertaining games. 

The world of Save The Princess

Save The Princess takes place in the castle world with a princess to rescue, a knight and dangers to avoid such as dragons and goblins. The game takes place in a castle full of doors that you have to pass through to get to the princess.

You’ll feel like you’re playing a classic video game that’s very reminiscent of Mario or other old pixelated video games. But don’t be fooled, this is a casino game that belongs to the category of mini games casino

save the princess game

How does the Save The Princess mini game work ?

The objective of the Save The Princess mini game is to pass through all the doors without running into an enemy and dying. Each time you pass through a door, you arrive in a different setting, if you pass through all the doors successfully and save the princess then the game is won. 

To start playing you need to select your bet and bonuses and click on “Start Game” to begin the game.

Save The Princess symbols 

Save The Princess features different symbols in the game. To begin with, you have the hero character, the one who has to move through the gates which is materialized by a knight.

Then you have the symbols that represent the dangers of death including the goblin, the dinosaur and the vampire. You will also have the skull and crossbones symbol which causes the immediate death of the knight and therefore the loss of the game. 

bonus save the princess

Then you will have the symbols that represent bonuses to defend you from dangers such as the armour helmet, the fire extinguisher and the garlic clove. 

The bonus features 

The great thing about the Save the Princess mini game is that it offers the possibility to protect yourself from dangers by selecting bonuses. If you select a door and come across a hazard, and the bonus that counteracts the hazard is selected, you will be saved. And you will be able to go to the next level. 

Each bonus against a particular danger in this way you will have: 

  • The armour helmet against the goblin
  • The fire extinguisher against the dragon
  • The garlic clove against the vampire

You can activate 1, 2 or 3 bonuses. Of course, if the bonus concerned is not active, the game will be lost when you come across the danger. 

Multipliers and game levels

The other particularity of Save The Princess is the possibility to modify the multiplication coefficients and thus influence the level of difficulty of the game. As a reminder, multipliers are the coefficients that will multiply the starting bet to generate winnings.

In Save The Princess, it is possible to modify the difficulty of the game and the value of the coefficients by deciding to take the bonuses or not. If the player takes all 3 bonuses, then he/she will be protected from the majority of dangers, but the multipliers will be low and the game level easy. 

The less bonuses the player selects, the harder the level and the higher the multiplier. If the player does not take any bonuses, then the level of the game will be Extreme and the casino volatility will be high with a greater potential for winnings but a higher risk.

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Is it possible to play Save The Princess on mobile? 

It is possible to play Save The Princess on a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone thanks to Casinozer mobile version.  

FAQ about the Save The Princess mini game

Is it possible to play Save The Princess for free ? 

It is possible to play Save The Princess for free by playing the demo version. 

Who is the supplier of Save The Princess ? 

The supplier of the Save the Princess mini game is the publisher Turbo Games.

Is Save The Princess volatile ? 

 Save The Princess is a mini-game with a volatility that varies according to the bonuses selected. If all bonuses are selected then the volatility will be low and conversely it can be high if all bonuses are taken.