To help you better understand the world of sports betting and the terms you will hear, we have put together a glossary of terms used in online sports betting and esports.


Algorithm: In the world of sports betting, this refers to what allows bookmakers to determine the odds based on current events and betting history. 

All in: An all in is when you bet your entire bankroll on a single bet. 

Auto-ban: This means to ban yourself from a betting site of your own free will.

Sports betting lexicon


Bad Run: This is a series of several defeats.

Banker: This refers to the outcome that seems to be obvious before the game starts.

Bankroll – This is the amount of money you have in your player account. 

Bet: This is a bet on an event with fixed odds. 

Betting: A term used to describe the world of sports betting.

Bonus: This is an offer that usually allows you to get a bet or free bets back.

Boosted Odds: These are odds that have been deliberately increased by the bookmaker on a particular event. 

Broke: A bettor who has lost their entire bankroll.

BTTS (Both Team To Score): This means that both teams have scored.

Buy-in: This is a stake set by bookmakers that punters have to pay in order to enter a tournament or sporting event. 


Cancelled: A bet where the match did not take place or did not go to the end. In the case of a single bet, the bet is refunded in full, for a combination bet the odds are reduced to 1. 

Cashback: This is the amount refunded to a player based on his losses or bets.

Cashout: This is a function that allows you to recover part of your stake in a current bet.

Combined or Multiple Bet: This is a bet that includes several bets on different matches. With this type of bet, the odds are multiplied together to form an overall odds. However, if one of the bets loses, the combined bet loses too.

Cut: This is a minimum number of points set by the bookmaker that the player must enter to win a bet. Thus, the player can bet above or below.


Direct Betting: also known as Live Betting. The bettor can bet live throughout the match until the end of the match. The odds are of course changing throughout the event.

Double Bet: In this prediction, the bet is made in 2 selections on different matches. To win, both predictions must come true.

Double Chance Bet: The double chance bet allows you to bet on 2 results of a match. The risks are lower but so are the odds.

Draw: This is a term used to describe a draw. 

Draw no Bet: This is a type of bet where it is not possible to bet on the draw. 


Esport: Esport betting allows you to bet on video game competitions. 

Even and Odd: This is a bet on the even or odd total of goals or points.

Exact Score Bet: The player bets on the exact score of a match from a list of scores proposed by the bookmaker. It can also be made at half-time or at the end of the match.


Favourite: Refers to the player or team that is expected to win before the match.

Freebet: This is one of the bonuses offered by bookmakers in the form of a free bet.  

Full Time (FT): In this type of bet, the prediction is based on the match’s regulation time and not on extra time. 


Goal difference: This is a type of bet where you bet on one of the teams to win based on the number of goals between the two teams.

Gross win: This is the amount of money won at the end of the match.


Half-time or end of match bet: This bet is made on the result at half-time or at the end of the match.

Handicap bet: In this form of betting, the bookmaker places a virtual advantage for one of the two teams before the match. The handicap translates into a goal ahead or behind.

Head to Head: This refers to a face-off between two teams or players.


Interval: This is an interval of points on which the player can bet. For example, betting between 2 and 6 points. 

Sports betting lexicon


Long term bet: This is a bet on a match where the result will be known later. It is usually used to bet on the winner of a competition.

Limits: These are betting or stake limits per day, week or month set by the bookmaker. 

Live streaming: Some online bookmakers offer a live streaming option which allows you to watch the matches live and stream them so you can make direct bets.


Max Bet: This is the maximum bet a player can place on a bet.

Multiple Bet: A bet that consists of betting on several matches, all on the same ticket. The odds are multiplied between them and the potential winnings are therefore much higher.


Net win: This is the profit of a bet, i.e. the gross win – the stake.

Number of goals: This is betting on the number of goals scored in a match. 

Number of points: Betting on the number of points scored in a match.


Odds: This is a coefficient set by a bookmaker for a match that will allow players to know how much they can win if their prediction is correct with the formula Win = Bet x Odds. 

The sports betting odds are set according to an algorithm and the betting history, so they can vary from one bookmaker to another on the same event. 

Outsider: The opposite of the favourites. This is a player or team that is not one of the bookmaker’s favourites. It will therefore have higher odds as it is considered less likely to win. 

Over: This is when you bet over a pre-determined number of points or goals before the match. 


Patent: This is a form of placing 7 bets on 3 different events in the selection. The bet consists of a single bet for each event, 3 double bets or 1 triple.

Profit: Not to be confused with winnings. Profit is what you earn when you remove your stake from the winnings of the bet.


Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4: This type of bet covers a quarter of the match time.

Sports betting lexicon


Responsible Gaming: This is a measure put in place by bookmakers to ensure that gambling remains fun by limiting deposits and bets to avoid any risk of gambling addiction.

Rising : This is a betting system that allows you to reach a winnings target quickly by replaying all winnings again after a winning bet.

Risk and Reward: This is the ratio of risk to reward in a bet.

ROI: This is a percentage that gives the return on a bettor’s investment. It is the ratio between the winnings and the bets. It is calculated as follows: (Profit/bet) x 100.


Scorer: This is a type of bet that consists of betting on the scorer in a match.

Single bet: This is the most common type of bet. It consists of betting on a single event and a single outcome. It is also called 1N2 because the bet is on the home team winning (1), drawing (N), and the guest team winning (2). The bet is placed on single odds.

Sports bookmaker: A company or site that offers bets to players on an online platform or sometimes in a physical establishment.

Stake: This is the amount of money that is placed on a bet. 

Surebet: A bet that is considered sure because it will bring winnings.

System: This is a combination of several bets. This is especially the case for league championships. In this case, it is not necessary for all matches to be won in order to win the bet.


Tips: or advice given to players to bet on a match.

Tipster: This is a casino streamer or influencer who provides tips to their community.

Triple: This is a combination bet consisting of 3 different matches. 


Under: This is the action of betting on a number of goals or points below a predefined number before the match.


Value bet: This is a bet that is considered to be very interesting or even overestimated by the bookmaker.