If you’re a fan of casino mini-games, then you’re probably familiar with the famous game publisher Spribe. In view of its great success over recent years with i gaming players, the publisher has expanded its range of games by offering a Spribe keno variant. The fans will be delighted to discover this one with its easy gameplay and the unique character of online casino games. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to play Spribe Keno, its rules and features. We’ll also give you our top tips on how to maximise your chances of winning, as well as Casinozer opinions on this exceptional mini-game !

What is the Spribe keno mini-game?

Spribe Keno is the casino mini game version of the famous supplier. The concept is based on the same principle as the classic lottery game, but with the rules simplified as much as possible. It is played by choosing a certain number of a grid ranging from 1 to 36.

spribe keno

The game also offers total transparency thanks to Spribe’s ‘Provably Fair’ guarantee. The numbers are drawn at random and the potential winnings are known to the player before the start of each game.

How does the Spribe Keno work ?

Spribe’s Keno works like an online lottery game. The principle of the game is very easy to understand and you don’t need to have any Keno skills or experience. To win, you need to bet on the winnings in each draw. 

In this game, the player can choose between 1 and 10 of the 36 numbers. Once they have chosen them, they can place their prediction on the result of the draw. The more they choose, the greater their potential winnings if they get a large number of winning. 

Once the player has placed their bet and selected their prediction, they start the game by pressing the “Play” button. The game will randomly generate 10 numbers on the grid and display them on the screen. The amount won will depend on the corresponding winning and the amount chose.

spribe keno

Features of the Spribe keno mini game

Spribe Keno features average casino volatility and a 97% player return rate (PRR). This is an excellent rate compared to other casino games such as free slots, casino table games or live action games. However, it remains in line with the Spribe mini-games, which all have excellent RTPs. 

You’ll be able to choose from 36 numbers instead of 80, and the draw will be made from 10 instead of 20. The games can then be played quickly because the selection is made instantly. 

Spribe’s Keno game is designed with modern graphics, fluid animations and sound effects for an incomparable gaming experience. It has an intuitive, responsive interface that adapts to all media with no download time. 

Its gameplay also features various functions that can be activated to modify the game: 

  • Betting options: You can choose between 1 to 10 numbers, with higher potential winnings for bets with lots of.
  • Choice of numbers: You can let the game choose randomly.
  • Automatic mode: You can use the automatic betting function to play several consecutive games with the same stake and bets chosen.

How is Keno by Spribe different?

He is different mainly in its simplicity and the speed of its games. The time taken to play a game is relatively short, so you can play a large number of games in a short space of time. You can also use the automatic betting function to play several consecutive games with the same choice.

It features modern, high-quality graphics that add a touch of realism to the gaming experience. Its rather high payout rate is displayed on the game screen and can reach up to 97%, which is much higher than other casino games.

He also stands out for the flexibility of its betting options. This allows players to tailor their gaming experience to suit their preferences and budget.

In conclusion, this online casino mini game stands out from other Keno games for its modernity, simplicity, betting flexibility and high payout rate. This makes this casino game an ideal option for those looking for an enjoyable and lucrative online lottery gaming experience.

How do I play the Keno mini-game?

Now that you know all the specifics of the game and have its rules in mind, let’s take a look at how it is played. 

Placing the bet 

To begin with, you need to place your initial stake and indicate the initial amount. This is in real money, with a minimum amount of €0.1 and a maximum of €100.

To start playing, you must first make a casino money deposit. Deposits and withdrawals can be made in crypto currencies such as bitcoin and in several currencies: euros, dollars, etc.

The higher the stake, the greater your potential winnings if you win, especially if you have all the winning ones.

Selecting the numbers

Once the stake has been set, you choose your 10 from the 36 in the grid. You can place them completely at random or by following a strategy based on the previous results. Just be aware that the draws do not follow any logical order.

To choose number, simply click on them, and if you want to go back, you can change your choices with one click. You can also let the software do the rest by choosing random mode. You can change this selection, number by number, if you wish.

spribe keno

The draw

Once they have been chosen and the starting play set, the player clicks on “play” to start playing. They are selected at random and appear on the grid in a yellow circle if they match your prediction. Those in a white circle are those you chose but not chosen by the software.

Collecting winnings

The amount of the winnings is determined by the amount of the initial stake and the number corresponding. The more exact the player has, the higher the multiplier. 

For example, 1 matching number equals x0, so you need a minimum of 3 to recover your stake without profit. From 4 numbers onwards, you receive x1.5 for, then x10.20 for 5, x40 for 8 and finally x100 maximum for 10 matching.

Winnings are added directly to the player’s bankroll in real money. If the player does not get any match, they lose their initial stake and can play again to try their luck.

How can I win Spribe Keno ?

He offers a particularly attractive potential prize for players, with the possibility of winning up to €10,000 in one go. However, this is first and foremost a casino game, which by definition is based on luck and chance. 

That’s why there are no methods or strategies for winning every time and on several hands. However, it is possible to optimise your chances of winning by applying a few tricks.

What are the best strategies for winning?

We’ve put together a list of different strategies that you can apply during your games to maximise your chances of winning and, who knows, hitting the jackpot ! 

Before you start playing for real money, you need to be familiar with the rules of the mini-game and its features. Don’t hesitate to play for free in demo mode to try out the different strategies.

The strategies used are : 

The mini-game allows you to bet on between 4 and 7 numbers, even if you have to choose 10 to place. By betting on a larger number, you have a better chance of betting on a winning number. 

  • The lined-up method

Known as the “line-up method”, this technique involves selecting those that end in the same unit (e.g. 4-14-24-34).

  • Analysing statistics

Finally, don’t hesitate to consult the statistics available on previous draws to see if certains appear more often than others. You should then place your bets according to these past results. 

In this way, the more you play Keno, the more you can secure your winnings by betting that come up most often. With this system, players can more easily win small sums to re-launch other games.

  • Betting on cold numbers

Those who have come up very little or not at all in previous draws. By betting on these possibilities it is possible to correctly guess of the next sessions.

Casinozer Keno bonus

To optimize and boost your chances and potential winnings, we regularly offer bonuses and promotional offers. These bonus, with or without wager casino bonus, take the form of free spins, the amount of which is fixed in advance by the online casinos. 

We have the interest and entertainment of our players at heart, which is why we regularly offer bonuses with or without deposit. We therefore invite you to check your inbox regularly, as a promotional email with free spins bonus may be waiting for you there. 

If you have just made your Casinozer registration and are therefore a new player, don’t forget to claim your casino welcome bonus after your first deposit!

Casinozer players’ opinions on the Spribe keno mini game.

We consulted the opinions and feedback of Keno Spribe players. Here are the main points that have been highlighted in the reviews: 

  • The games are very simple and easy to play. 
  • The mobile version allows you to play anywhere, anytime.
  • The possibility of random draws. 
  • Free spins and no wager casino bonus and promotions.

We can see that the game’s features and simplified gameplay are the elements most appreciated by players, justifying its success. Another aspect is the reliability and security of the online casino platform. 

Consult the Casinozer online casino platform and its players’ opinions. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to this lottery game. It has been criticised for its lack of originality and inventiveness, with luck and chance the only factors defining the outcome of the game. The games quickly become redundant and unentertaining.

What other Spribe mini casino games are there? 

If you enjoyed then we invite you to try the other Spribe mini-games, and in particular the famous crash game: Aviator!


The Aviator casino game is a crash game that consists of betting on the outcome of a plane that takes off and reaches a maximum altitude before taking off for good.

aviator casino game

In the game, players place their stake before the plane takes off. The game then uses a random number generator to determine the altitude at which the plane stops. If the plane reaches the predefined maximum altitude, the game stops and the winnings are calculated according to the multiplier reached at the time the player collected the winnings.

However, if the plane fails to reach the predefined maximum altitude, the game Aviator “crashes” and all players lose their stake.


Goal casino game is an online game that simulates a live football match. Unlike the full Goal game found in most online casinos, which simulates a live football match, the Goal mini-game focuses solely on the penalty shoot-out phase.

goal casino game

In the Goal mini-game, participants place their bet on one of three possible choices: scoring, missing or stopping the goalkeeper. The game then uses a random number generator to determine the outcome of the penalty shoot-out.

If the player chooses the correct option, they win a pre-determined amount based on their stake. He also offers bonus features such as win multipliers and extra square selection.


Spribe’s Mines casino game simulates a treasure hunt in an abandoned mine. In the game, players select a minefield and place their bet on the boxes they believe do not contain mines.

mini games casino

Once players have placed their stake, the game uses a random number generator to reveal whether or not the selected squares contain mines. If players select a square containing a mine, they lose their stake.

The aim of the game is to select all the squares that do not contain mines and collect winnings based on the number of squares successfully selected.

Don’t wait any longer and play the Spribe games now! You can also read our articles on the suite of mini-games for online casinos, such as Plinko, Dice and Casinozer mini games


Where can I play Spribe keno ?

You can play on your favourite online casino platform: Casinozer !

What is the RTP and volatility of Spribe keno ? 

RTP is 97% and the game is characterised by average volatility.

Is it possible to play Spribe keno for free? 

You can play for free with the demo gaming mode.

Is it possible to play Spribe keno on a mobile device?

It is possible to play on a tablet or smartphone with the Casinozer mobile version.