If you are a fan of online casinos you have probably already come across the term “wager” for bonus casino offer. This term is often used to refer to wagering requirements for bonus with a code and deposit on free spins. You may not know exactly what it means and therefore you may not be playing your playthrough bonus correctly.

In this article we will explain to you, the new online casino player who just apply, what a wagering bonus is, and how best to use the bonus to your advantage and get a cashback offer.

What is a wager? 

Before we explain how best to use a wagering bonus, we need to give you a precise and fair definition. This wagering bonus definition is valid for all online casinos. You will come across this term more often than the wagering requirement, but you should know that both are identical and use the same principle.

What is a casino wager?

A wager is a wagering requirements. This term & conditions (t&c) defines in gambling jargon the amount you must wagering on the gaming platform before you can make casino money withdrawal

These requirements have been put in place by online casinos to offer more attractive bonus to players and to prevent money laundering by deposit. Indeed, without these requirements, players could deposit and then withdraw the amount immediately.

This means that if you want to withdraw the funds generated by your games, you have to reach your wager. Keep in mind that the wagering bonus is not the amount you have to deposit but the amount you have to play.

wager casino

All online casinos like Casinozer apply a wager on deposit. This means that in order to be able to withdraw winnings from their casino account to their bank account, the player must play at least once the full amount of their deposit. This is mandatory and is a result of anti-money laundering measures. At Casinozer the wagering for a regular deposit is x1. 

For example, if you get a code bonus and you make a deposit 50 euros (min), you must play 50 euros low to be able to withdraw.

Be careful to distinguish 2 things: 

  • There is the wager linked to the deposit which is x1 to fight money laundering (mandatory in all casinos)
  • There is the wager linked to the bonuses which depends on the casinos. In this case, it is made to be able to offer bonuses that are harder to get but more attractive in terms of amounts

The higher the wager (max), the more you have to play to reach the requirements.

The wager applied to casino bonuses.

We are now going to see in which case the wager is applied in the casino: the case of bonuses. Its possible to get casinos bonus with wagering or free spins. To begin with, we must distinguish between the different categories of bonuses with wager. 

1- Bonus with deposit

Whether it is a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus, the wager is applied to these bonuses in the following way: 

First, the bonus consists of a % bonus (50%,100%,200%…), this means that by depositing a certain amount, you will receive in bonus money from the casino the % applied on the amount of your deposit. To this amount is also applied an associated wager (x30, 40, 60…). 

There is a distinction between sticky and non-sticky wager bonuses. The first cannot be cancelled. Whereas the second one can be cancelled. 

2- Free spins

Some casinos apply wagering to free spins bonuses given to players. For example, if you get a 50 free spins bonus on a slot machine with a wager of x40. This means that you will play 40 times the winnings you get with your 50 free spins. In other words, if you win €100 with your 50 free spins, you will have to wager 100 x 40 = €4,000 to withdraw. 

The free spins bonuses you will receive at Casinozer are all wager free! This means that the winnings generated with your free spins go directly to your casino account.

How does a wager free casino bonus work?

Now that you know what a casino wager is, let’s take a look at how it works and how you should use it in order to achieve successful wagering. You will find and read that to claim a wagering bonus requires you to make a casino money deposit first.

What are the rules of the wager bonus at Casinozer?

As with all wager casino bonus, including welcome bonus casino, there are rules that all online players must follow. You can find and read them in our terms and conditions (t&cs). 

In case of non-compliance of the terms and conditions (t&cs), Casinozer reserves the right to cancel your bonus and confiscate any winnings made with it. 

Some slots machines and mini game cannot be played if a wagering bonus is active. Also, in most casinos you cannot wager more than €5 max available per spin.

Finally, your bonus has an activation time limit. Once activated, your bonus and wager must be completed within 14 days of the credit date. After these days, if this is not the case then the bonus is canceled and any winnings you have made will be lost. It means that you won’t be able to make a money withdrawal. 

Our wager bonuses work like a communicating vessel. The balance played first is the actual balance and any winnings made go into the bonus balance. Once the wager is reached, the amount is returned to your real balance.

What are the different contributions of casino games to wagering?

Obviously, not every casino game contributes to the wagering requirement in the same way. Depending on the category of games, the wagering contribution percentage will be different. 

Here is how the contribution and review percentages are distributed at Casinozer:

  • Mini games casino, table games (poker, black jack, roulette…), and live action games like game Crazy time casino: 5%.
  • Example: if your bet is £5 then only 0.25 will contribute to your wagering requirement.
  • Slots and scratch cards: 100%.

Example: How do I calculate my wagering requirement?

Now that we’ve explained how a wagering bonus works at the casino, we’ll show you a concrete example of how to calculate your wagering requirement for a withdrawal. 

To find out how much you need to wager before you can withdraw, here is the calculation.

You get a 100% welcome bonus with a wager of 30. Let’s say you deposit €200 with a 100% bonus, you have 200 + 200 = 400. This will give you : (400 x 30) = 12 000 €. 

How easy is it to complete a casino bonus with wager? 

Now that you understand the concept of a bonus with wager, you might be wondering how easy it is to complete the wagering requirement. We’ll give you our best tips, based on player opinions and gaming site reviews, on how to make sure this bonus brings you maximum wins. 

We remind you that these are online casino games and bets based on luck. There is no 100% effective method to make you win every time.

1- Choose a casino with small wagering bonuses

The smaller the amount, the easier the wagering requirement will be.

2- Play slots with high volatility

We advise you to start by wagering medium amounts such as 1 euro per spin, which will give you a greater chance of winning. The objective is to complete the wager while stabilizing your balance. The objective is to complete the wager while stabilizing the balance. For example the Wanted dead or Wild slot.

high volatitily

3- Play on lower volatility machines

Once you have managed to accumulate winnings with the high yield machines, we advise you to switch to low volatility machines to complete your wager more quickly with lower bets. This way you won’t lose much of the amount you’ve accumulated and you’ll gradually top up your wagering requirements.

Can I cancel my bonus with wager?

At Casinozer, it is not possible for customer service to cancel the bonus once it has been activated. Furthermore, as long as the bonus is active, it is not possible to make a withdrawal. If you have started playing, it is not possible to deactivate the bonus. 

Therefore, to stop playing under the bonus requirements you have two options: 

  • You play and complete your wagering requirement.
  • You lose your wagering bonus balance and funds, and to play again you must make a new deposit when your balance is below 10 cents min.

Your wagering bonus will be deactivated if you meet either of the two requirements.

You are now well informed about the concept of wager casino bonus and how to play your bonus for max funds. We also recommend you to read our terms and conditions (t&c), for knowing how to apply and claim your bonuses on free spins and wagering and the cashback of your funds and winnings.

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