In order to welcome our new players to our online casino and to help them win their first winnings, Casinozer has put together a comprehensive good value welcome bonus offer with deposit. Here we will see what casino welcome bonus offers are available to our new players, how to apply, play them and also requirements, terms and conditions (t&cs) of eligibility. These deposit bonuses are in the form of free spins but without any wagering requirements or codes.

Casinozer offers casino machines as well as sports betting, in order to satisfy our new players’ preferences we have set up a choice between two types of bonus offers. A welcome bonus for casino players (in free spins) and another for those who prefer sports betting. 

Casino welcome bonus

We will now look at the two types of casino welcome bonus with deposit that Casinozer offers to its new customers. These casino bonus offers are not available on games like poker but on slot machines because of free spins. Casino bonus is played on the Sticky Bandit slot machine. The difference is the amount of the deposit and therefore the number of free spins on the slots machine. 

welcome bonus casino

Our casino welcome bonus with deposit is wager-free. If you are unfamiliar with this term, please read our article on wager casino bonus.

Sticky bandit’s no wagering welcome bonus casino

The welcome bonus casino at Sticky Bandit allows you to get 23 free spins. To benefit from it you must be a new player on our platform and have completed your Casinozer registration.

You need funds so you must make a first money deposit of at least 50 euros minimum (min). Once the amount of free spins has been credited and activated on your player account, you have 14 days to play your free spins. After this time, the casino bonus will no longer be active and will be lost. The free spins awarded are worth €1 per free spins, and the maximum (max) win you can make is €100. 

Once your minimum (min) initial deposit has been played in full, you can easily casino money withdrawal

When you register, after your real money deposit of £50 minimum (min) is on your funds then the 23 free spins bonus at Sticky Bandit will be automatically credited.

Find all the necessary information and requirements in the terms and conditions (t&cs) of the casino welcome bonus. So we advise you to read the t&c before making a deposit for a casinos bonuses.

welcome bonus casino

How do I activate my casino welcome bonus? 

You have just made your first deposit in real money and your casino welcome bonus has been credited to you. Now you need to activate the casino bonus it in order to play it. 

Here is how to activate your bonus:

1- Log in to your Casinozer account

2- Go to your personal space on the bonuses tab. 

3- Select the bonus you wish to activate

activate casino welcome bonus

Once the casino bonus is activated, you just have to go directly to Sticky Bandit, your free spins will automatically be played first. 

What are the requirements for the casino welcome bonus?

Of course our welcome bonus casino with deposit is subject of some minimum requirements to terms and conditions (t&cs) of eligibility. We’ll go over which ones, but you can find them all in our terms and conditions (t&c).

  • First requirement : One welcome bonus casino offer per player and per profile

Welcome bonuses are capped. This means that one player and one player account is only eligible for one welcome bonus. If, for example, you have received a casino welcome bonus as new players, you are no longer eligible for apply another casino welcome bonus or sports bonus.

Some online casino players create multiple accounts in order to benefit from and post multiple casinos bonuses. Our fraud department detects “multiple accounts” very quickly. And you risk permanent exclusion from Casinozer, the closure of all your accounts as well as the confiscation of your winnings and funds. 

  • Second requirement : The deposit requirement

In order to receive a welcome bonus casino you must have made your first deposit requirement in money. The casino bonus must be claimed within 1 day of the deposit. Otherwise, you will be required to make a new deposit, and therefore a payment, to receive your bonus. 

The sports welcome bonus

For players who are more interested in sports betting and than casino games wagering, Casinozer has put together a special sports bonus offer. Indeed, the bonus offer is as follows: we will refund up to 50 euros of your first sports bet if it turns out to be a losing one. 

The refund is in the form of freebets that can be used on your next placed sports bet. We will see together how this welcome bonus works and in particular the conditions (t&c) of obtaining it. 

The conditions of attribution of the bonus sport 

To benefit from the casino welcome bonus sport with deposit at your inscription, you must respect certain conditions, you will find them on the page of the conditions of attribution of the welcome bonus sport

In order to obtain the refund in freebets of your first lost sports bet, it is necessary to fulfill these conditions:

1- It must be your first bet placed in the Sports or Esports category, either pre-match or live.

2- Your bet must be placed for : 

  • A single bet is 1×2 only and must respect a minimum (min) odds of 1.70.
  • A multiple bet is 1×2 only with minimum (min) total odds of 2.50.

3- Your first bet must be made in real money after a casino money deposit and must be placed within 3 days of the first deposit.

4- The minimum (min) amount you must wager on your first bet to be eligible for the sports welcome bonus is €20. You can wager more than £50 but as mentioned above we will only refund you up to £50 in freebets.

How do I get the sports welcome bonus?

The sports welcome bonus with deposit is not automatic like the welcome bonus casino on Sticky Bandit. Indeed, as we have seen previously, to obtain this bonus, you must first make a deposit and place a bet and wait for the result of the bet by respecting the conditions of attribution of the bonus mentioned above.

Once you have placed your first sports bet and if it is lost, to obtain this bonus, all you have to do is contact customer service. After verifying your first bet, our Casinozer agent will credit your freebets directly.

How do I use my freebets at Casinozer? 

Now that you have been credited with your freebets, we will explain how you can use them. 

The freebets you get can be played on sports, pre-match and live games. Freebets must be placed on a single bet only. Once the freebets are credited, you have 2 days to place them on a bet. If they are not placed within 2 days of being credited, they will be cancelled.

Freebets must be played in full. If you have received for example €20 in freebets, then you will have to place €20 on a single coupon. If the player does not wager the full amount of freebets credited then the part that has not been played will be removed.

To use your freebets you need to go to your sports tab and place a bet you should have a green square on your bet that says “get bonus”.

Special case: I never got a casino welcome bonus 

Sometimes for our first time customers or those who didn’t think to claim it, you may not have received a welcome bonus. If you have not received similar offers equivalent to a welcome bonus with deposit at Casinozer, then you are obviously eligible for a welcome bonus. 

In order to benefit from this, please contact the customer service department and indicate the welcome bonus you wish to receive. You will be asked to make a deposit of at least 50 euros to get the welcome bonus at Sticky Bandit. Once the deposit is made, the customer service will manually credit your 23 free spins. 

If you want to get the sports welcome bonus, then we will look at the very first bet you placed. We will refund you in freebets if it is lost and meets the eligibility requirements.

How does a deposit casino bonus work ? 

Most of the casino bonus offer offered to our players require a deposit. Whether it’s a welcome bonus casino or bonuses on our casino games in free spins or wager, you have some requirement as needed to make a deposit on your casino account. So for all casinos players who want to apply at casinos bonus, they need to make a deposit for claim bonus with deposit on value games. One casino bonus offer max is available for casino players , some extra bonus with deposit could be claim but its depends of requirements, terms and conditions (t&cs).

These bonuses are given on free spin or wager with best value according to casino players, on slots machine game with spin.

To remind of our casinos players, the minimum (min) deposit is 20 euros as funds. At least if players want to play and claim bonuses on free spins or wager, or sports betting with free bets, the casinos players have to come on customer support agent. All the casinos bonuses have to be used within max 14 days on slots machines or sport bet.

Now you are properly informed about the different welcome bonus casino offers with deposit that your favourite online casino Casinozer has to offer. However, if you still have any questions of how to apply and use your casinos bonuses as new players, don’t hesitate to contact us online by email or on Live Chat.

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